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Your Source For Affiliate Marketing News, Tips, & Trends

Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way For A Beginner To Make Money Online In 2021?  

          An updated Review

Affiliate marketing has been one of the best ways for a beginner to make money online in the past 10 years. Affiliate marketing doesn't demand a big startup investment, or a lot of technical skill, which is why it consistently appears on internet searches of the best ways to make money online. in this article, I will review some of the many directions affiliate marketing has taken, and which have emerged as the most successful. Before that, however, it would be wise to arrive at an affiliate marketing definition.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of advertising other’s products on the internet or online channels, and when a person sees your ad, and buys what you are advertising, the owner of the product gives you a percentage of the product price, which is called a commission.

How To Make Money Online For Free

While it is technically possible to make money with little more than a computer and an internet connection, the old school rules still apply: success in anything requires time, effort, and commitment. That said, affiliate marketing has perhaps the lowest cost to get started. It is a competitive space, accounting for approximately 15% of internet sales. To play in the game today, you have to know more than most of your competitors. The way to do that is to take an affiliate marketing course (YouTube is a good place to look) where you like the style of the instructor. This is very important. After that, consider after-sale support. You will get discouraged, and access to a successful group can mean the difference between success and failure.

Affiliate Marketing Examples

Listed below are examples of affiliate marketing strategies that have endured and flourished over the last 10 years.

Affiliate Marketing For Amazon

One of the most popular ways for beginners to get started with affiliate marketing over the past several years has been affiliate marketing on Amazon. It became popular to start review sites that compared products. For example, someone could set up a YouTube channel to compare photography equipment. In their video comparison, they could leave links to the products discussed which would lead to the Amazon product page. Their links would identify them to Amazon as affiliates so a small percentage would automatically be paid out if a person purchased as a result of using that link within a certain amount of time. These sites still flourish on YouTube, people enjoy watching videos as a way of learning about things. Unfortunately, Amazon has recently ended that program leaving beginners with fewer choices. There are other sites like Share-a-Sale, which offer multiple products to promote, all within the same platform.

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

When the internet and I were a lot younger, marketers would put up a Blog on the internet, which was nothing more than a page to serve as a place to post content in the form of articles to attract people to their blog, and links. the market is crowded today and requires marketers to pick a specific niche that has less competition. Blogging is not a way to get rich quick and requires a lot of patience and at least a passing grade in regards to SEO. You don’t have to be a good writer to start; you’ll improve with time.

Affiliate Marketing On Click Bank

Most beginners start affiliate marketing on ClickBank because it offers a wide variety of digital products in many different niches. It’s easy to sign up and simple to find products to sell. ClickBank products do not offer a high commission level, meaning you will probably have to promote several products to achieve your desired income.

Affiliate Marketing On JVZoo

JVZOO is another online platform like ClickBank, that offers affiliate marketers digital products to promote. Unfortunately JVZOO offers lower-quality products with lower commissions. Also, you have to apply to every product developer that you want to promote and tell them how you intend to promote the product (i.e.- facebook, email list, instagram, linked in, paid traffic, etc.) Most of the time, this is a formality and not an obstacle. It still is one of the better sites to find products that sell. JVZoo often has product launches, which are good times to promote affiliate products, because there is increased traffic at launch time, and you can in effect “ride” this traffic wave and get people to your offer.

Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

While it is possible to make money from affiliate marketing on Instagram, it is not a recommended way for beginners unless they already have at least 1,000 followers on Instagram, and preferably, upwards of 10, 000 or more. This is not a speedy method, but can provide some supplementary cash, if you have a lot of followers. 

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Since Amazon has ended its affiliate program, there aren't as many doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. There are still many who are promoting digital products like courses or ebooks on YouTube with short videos and affiliate links below. there's no doubt that video I will dominate as a medium of promotion in the coming years. Our attention spans for ads get shorter, and video still rules for getting attention. If you can get over your fear of making videos of yourself, you can probably build up your number of views, which will rank you higher and send more people to your links. If you get enough views (#), YouTube will pay you to place ads at the beginning of your video. This is a side benefit of using YouTube as a medium to promote an offer.

Affiliate Marketing For Professional Affiliate Marketers

There are many successful super-affiliate marketers who make their living that way, who offer an affiliate marketing how to. These courses typically consist of several modules of video “over the shoulder” instruction. Instruction from a knowledgeable pro can always help launch a business, but It’s not a good idea to invest in any of these unless you see proof that others have made money using it...and not just one or two people! Promoting these courses has been one of the best ways to make money online, because the commissions paid out are frequently above $100 and sometimes as much as $1,000. it is a good idea to compare instructors, as there are many that offer instruction, but not many that provide extensive follow-up support for their students. Follow up support is the key for an instructor to have successful students.


The impact of the Covid pandemic has been felt everywhere throughout 2020 as people have lost their jobs due to the collapsed economy, and had to self quarantine at home. People are searching for ways that they can make a side income or replace their income through online opportunities. Affiliate Marketing is well poised as an answer for them, as they can work at home on their schedule, and it doesn't require a huge investment to get started. If you want to try affiliate marketing , remember that there will be times when it is frustrating and seems difficult, but know that others have been there to, and if you reach out, you're likely to get the answers you're looking for. 

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